Milking Parlours

-Reliable and superior quality Milking parlours for large and small farms-Milking systems that combine advanced automations & provide fast  & effective milking for your cows and goats .-A wide range of milking components made in our facillities.

Milking Equipment

-We are designing and manufacturing hi-tech Milking Equipment made from top quality material.-Agromasters milking components increase the efficiency of your farm.-They are seamlessly integrated in line with our total Solutions strategy.


-We aim at providing a wide range of Automation products for basic milking systems , Poseidon Washing systems , Zeus pulsation control units, Aeolus Service Monitor  etc.-To more sophisticated hi-tech solutions , Hermes ACR systems, Milk yield indicators, up to advanced herd management systems.

Feta production equipment

Barn Equipment

-From reclining stalls, mattress systems, head locking units, brushes, ventilation technology to any other cow comfort product.-We are offering innovative solutions that maximize animal comfort & flexibility of your farm , while simultaneously  providing a healthy environment for your cows .

Feeding & drinking

-Agromasters provides solutions  that improve animals' performance,  reduce labour cost and increase feeding efficiency  .

Manure handling

-We are  developing products from collection to transfer & processing of manure .-Heavy duty manure scrapers.-Manure processing systems.

Milking Machines

-Milking machine is  the lowest cost solution for very small size cow,  goat farm . -Agromasters milking machines can withstand harsh working conditions  & always  equipped with the highest quality milking components  of the market .

Milk Cooling

-Agromasters  open and  closed type milk cooling tanks are designed to minimise energy consumption while providing fast and cost-effective cooling.
- Our tanks  guarantee your trouble-free investment for many years .