Milk Pasteurizer

The Milk pasteurizer PR600 from agromasters contributes decisively to produce high quality white, yellow and hard cheeses. It thermally processes milk to be free of any pathogen and micro-organism. Milk is agitated using a 0.5kw gear motor. The bottom of the Pasteurizer is constructed in a way to empty its contents. It is equipped with an electronic thermometer and has a built-in electric panel. Heating is achieved through a burner (oil, gas or steam). Once the curd is stable, the curd and the whey mix will be evacuated through the double outlet.


  • Made of Stainless Steel AISI304
  • Escorted with two lids
  • Double layer
  • 28 PPM rotation speed 
  • Stirring is done with a stirrer of type propeller
  • DN50 stainless steel butterfly discharge valve 
  • Satine interior & exterior surface
  • Various capacities