Aeolus Service Monitor

Aeolus service monitor is a multifunctional vacuum measuring device and at the same time, an aid for the dairy farmer that wants to monitor and control the proper operation of the milking system.The illuminated liquid crystal displays the continuous accurate –time vacuum level in the milking system.

It notifies the user with a light and acoustic indication of the vacuum may go beyond the minimum and maximum predefined values set by the user (adjustable).
It reminds you when it is time for a) liners replacement, b) Vacuum pump service c) General service.
Moreover, it can transfer vacuum measurements remotely to other instruments. This feature can control the vacuum pump Frequency regulator to compensate for vacuum losses by automatically increasing the pump speed.

Technical Specification 

  • Aeolus service monitor  is displaying continuous real-time system vacuum level.
  • Build in alarm for low and or high vacuum indication . Moreover it can be connected with external siren.
  • Vacuum level is displayed with accuracy of decimal digit.
  • If vacuum level is too high, a red led is flashing intermittently . If vacuum level is too low, a purple led is flashing.
  • Reminds you when to service vacuum pump (It counts operating time of vacuum pump).
  • Reminds you when liners have to be replaced (It counts total hours of milking operations).
  • Reminds you when service for the whole milking parlour will be required .
  • Display of time remaining until the upcoming service will be needed.
  • Reduces risk of unplanned emergency service & helps maintain peak system performance.
  • Memory holds data from up to 200 events . It retains information even if power fails, and continues working when power is restored.
  • It can transfer remotely vacuum measurements to agromasters frequency regulator in order to control vacuum pump thus  achieving a constant vacuum in desired levels.