Système de traite de sortie rapide

The agromasters rapid exit milking parlour is designed for dairy farms of 200-300 sheep and goats. It is characterized as a milking system with higher average performance (30%) comparing to the traditional linear one.

After the end of milking process the rapid exit stall is pneumatically lifted up, thus allowing massive release of the animals . Moreover,  it contributes effectively in squeeze avoidance at the exit of the parlour.

The milking system consists of:

  • Fully hot galvanized Stall, S/S  Feeding Tank , S/S Feeding  Trough & Automatic Feeding
  • S/S Pipes for milk and washing.
  • Glass Receiver 24 L, , S/S Milk Pump, S/S Sanitary Trap.
  • S/S  Jetters or  Rubber.
  • S/S Milkclaws ,
  • S/S Washing Unit, S/S Wash Tank.

Optionally it can be accompanied with ACR system for automatic removal of milking clusters   or integrated management system for sheep and goats

Product Files