Salles de traite linéaire

The agromasters linear milking system combines quality & top milking technology. It is an ideal solution for farms of 150-250 sheep or goats.

Goats are coming into the milking parlour and taking their positions. The reciprocating stall via the use of a lever, is moving rear for crowding them before the initialization of the milking process. The integrated locking units do not allow any kind of animal reaction. After the end of milking process, the stall is moving forward , thus liberating the animals.

With linear milking system, we can achieve fast milking & effective management of the animals.

The milking system consists of:

  • Fully hot galvanized stall, S/S or Galvanized feeding tank & trough , Automatic feeding
  • S/S pipes for milk and washing.
  • Glass container 24 L, , S/S milk pump, S/S sanitary trap.
  • S/S  jetters or  Rubber.
  • S/S Milkclaws ,
  • S/S Washing Unit, S/S Wash Tank.

Optionally milking system can be accompanied with ACR system for automatic removal of milking clusters   or integrated management system for sheep and goats