Salle de traite parallèle

The Parallel – Rapid Exit milking  parlour  is another solution for the increasing needs of a modern dairy farm, with a large number of dairy cows.

This type of milking system requires less space in terms of parlour capacity,   since animals are positioned at 90°.  Parallel parloursare equipped with a backward moving pneumatic system for bringing the animals towards the side of the milker .

Each animal takes its own place in the parlour .After the entrance of the first cow automatically the second place is opened. The massive exit of the animals is allowing fast positioning of the next group.

The milking system is equipped with a manure collection mechanism at the interior of the parlour. After the end of milking process manure will be removed via high water pressure.

Moreover, automatic floor washing system is optionally available for the effective floor cleaning   after the massive exit of the animals.

The basic Parallel milking system includes:

  • Hot galvanized or S/S Parallel stall.
  • 42 L Glass Receiver with S/S parts or Inox 60 L Receiver.
  • S/S Milk Pump  & S/S  Sanitary  Trap.
  • S/S Washing Jetters &  S/S Milkclaws .
  • S/S Washing Machine and  S/S  70L Wash Tank.
  • Εlectronic pulsators  & S/S Master pulsation Box.
  • Vacuum Pump  with 100 L  galvanised Tank.
  • Manure collection system with auto-cleaning.

The milking parlour is optionally available with Automatic detachers or complete herd management system, according to customer’s requirements.