Why use plastic Calf boxes ?

Why use plastic Calf boxes ?

By In BLOG On 5 Ιουνίου 2019

We have seen in the past  calf boxes  made of steel with wooden  lodges used in various livestock farms. These particular choices worked preety well , but plastic ones  have some advantages comparing to steel ones , which  is worth of mentioning .

Calf boxes made of steel tend to cool when it’s cold outside  and warm up when it’s hot (thermodynamically speaking, steel is a duct).  Wood is insulating, such as plastic, but it is organic and porous and can absorb moisture and bacteria, making it more difficult to clean while using them .

The plastic calf boxes  are lighter, of good insulation and easy to clean. Also, the polyethylene calf boxes  were designed and built specifically to accommodate young calves. They keep the calves warm in the winter and offer shade in the summer.

Before we put a calf in a hutch, we put a layer of sand. We use sand because it is an inorganic sewage that will not have much moisture or bacteria.  The portable nature of calf boxes  give us great flexibility to ensure that newborn calves grow in a clean environment.