Saanen goats

By In Χωρίς κατηγορία On 7 Ιουνίου 2021

The Saanen breed is the most excellent dairy breed in the world and comes from the Saanen Valley in Switzerland. It is a large animal 60-70 kg with completely white colour, short hair, body shape typically dairy and wonderfully developed breast.

The male adult Saanen weighs about 70-90 kg, and an adult female weighs about 60-70 kg. Female goats produce 4 to 4.5 litres of milk per day. The fat content of milk is about 3-4%. The gestation period of the Saanen goat ranges from 145 to 155 days and the lactation period 180-200 days. Due to its high milk production, it is often called “Holsteins”. It is the most dairy breed globally, and its yield often exceeds 1,000 kg of milk per year, while there are people who have exceeded 2,000 kg.

Fertility and multiplicity are high (average multiplicity 200%, usually give birth to twins). This goat breed is sensitive to excessive sunlight, heat and performs well in colder climates. The main advantage of the breed is that they can easily accept any climatic conditions.

Saanen Goat  Price 

The price of goats depends on many factors such as breed, age, season and region.

Goats Feeding Behaviour

Goats have natural characteristics and eating behaviours that distinguish them from other ruminants. The narrow mouth, movable upper lip, and tongue contribute to the goats’ diet choice. Goats are selective eaters who prefer to roam rather than graze. They will choose only the highest quality plant portions (ie the top leafy sections), leaving behind what they consider less desirable.
If the feed is also coarse or, moldy goats will not consume it. Because goats eat only the most nutritious part of the plant they do not eat in the ground, they tend to be exposed to a smaller load of worms in pastures.

A producer should expect 10-20% rejection of daily food. The design of the feeding system must minimize food waste and allow sufficient supply space. Goats will not eat old feed, so feeders should be cleaned regularly.

Goat Care

It is very easy to raise Saanen goats. They do not need any special or special care and can grow up with other animals. Even a child can grow up and care for these animals. Extra care and proper management of Saanen goats will increase the production and longevity of the animals. Always breed your goats with fresh and good quality feed that has the right nutrients and be enriched with all the necessary ingredients of the fee

  • Saanen goat should be milked twice a day.
  • There should be a fence around your farm area to restrain your animals on the farm.
  • Ensure that there is fresh air and light inside the farm. Regular cleaning of the whole farm.
  • Keep the inside of the farm dry.
  • Goats must be separated from females in unproductive periods.
  • Pregnant animals need extra care.