Mobile milking parlour – MobiMaster

Mobile Milking parlour  (Cows)

The cow mobile milking parlour (MobiMaster)  is designed especially for animals that graze on the fields. MobiMaster is a sophisticated milking system that can be positioned practically anywhere, whether in the fields or on a mountain. At agromasters we developed an autonomous, functional & easy to use milking system. Only a single Cow operator is required for its proper operation.

Advantages of Cow mobile parlour

  • It is an autonomous and ready-to-use milking system for cows.
  • The mobile milking parlour is a custom-made solution that can be manufactured according to each farmer’s needs.
  • Saves money as you do not need a permanent building.
  • Can milk up to 200 animals within 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Robust design with modern milking technology
  • Two milkers are required for the proper operation of 20 milking clusters milking system.
  • Maximum flow and less stress to the animal.

Agromasters manufactures two different types of Mobile parlours: 

a) Milking takes place on the Movable Platform.

b) Milking takes place on the ground (left and right).

Milking on the Movable Platform  

  • It is the most advanced mobile parlour solution
  • The mobile platform can withstand up to 6 tones of weight (heavy-duty)
  • The operator is milking in a standing position
  • It can milk up to 10 animals simultaneously
  • Escorted optionally with a pneumatically operated floor (milking on 90 cm height)
  • It can be equipped with a) a parallel stall or b) a free-standing position on the platform  (combined with individual feeding ).
  • When a parallel stall is being applied, after the end of milking, the parallel entrapment is vertically lifted up and animals are exiting the parlour via a pneumatically operated exit Gate.
  • When the free-standing position is being applied, cows are being fed on the platform freely and exiting the parlour from the same gate that entered.

Milking on the ground 

  • It is a cost-effective solution
  • The mobile platform construction is light weighted
  • The operator is milking in a sitting position
  • It can milk up to 20 animals simultaneously
  • Animals are standing on the ground in a feeding position around the mobile parlour

The mobile milking parlour is equipped with high-quality milking technology parts that maximize the efficiency and speed of milking. Milking technology parts consist of:

Milking technology parts consist of:

a) Hector Milk receiver, b) Apollo Milk pump, c) Sanitary trap, d) Connections and tubing, e) Milk filter

  • Washing unit, Wash tank  & others 

a) Poseidon washing unit II,  b) Wash tank 110 Liters, c) Drain valve,   d) PVC supports & other parts

  • Vacuum line assembly 

a) Aeolus Service monitor, b) Zeus Pulsation control unit, c) NT14 electronic pulsator, d) Vacuum tubes, e) PVC angles, sleeves, supports & bends

  • Vacuum pump assembly 

a) Vacuum pump, b) Vacuum regulator 

  • Milking units

a) Milking clusters with SS milkclaw 400cc, b) Supports , c) Silicone Milk tubes, d) PVC pulsation tubes 

  • Hermes ACR system 

a) Hermes controller, b) Milk flow sensor,  c) ACR cylinder, d) Control valve