Rotary control panel (touch screen)

Agromasters proudly introduces the new Rotary control panel.

Our wide range of automation products is being extended with a high tech product  specially designed for our Rotary milking systems for cows, sheep and goats.

The electronic  control panel gives the its users significant and analytical information related to Rotary parlour operation.

The  7 inches touch screen of industrial type , allows quick,  efficient and reliable operation of  your rotary milking system   .



  • Indication of inverter  operated frequency in Hz
  • Indication of  drive motor current consumption (A)
  • Possibility to increase or decrease the speed of drive motor ( rotary platform)  by just entering the desired value in Hz or simple using up and down visualized buttons on SET parameter.
  • Indication of average time needed for complete platform rotation, which is variable from time to time
  • Animals which are entering the rotary platform are automatically counted via our high tech sensor.
  • Indication of total milking time.
  • Visualized milking (start – stop) button to enable milking operation via touch screen.
  • Possibility to select between 2 different automatic feeding stations. (1 or 2). User can choose how many seconds or ten of seconds the 2 automatic feeding devices will operate  (which will affect  proportionally the quantity of food that will be delivered on each feeding trough
  • User presses Milking button, on the touch screen and milking process will be initiated ( after turning switch of Poseidon washing unit 2 in milking mode )
  • Visualized  tube indication in red color  and simultaneous buzzer operation when end tube for washing is connected to the rotary platform, while user wants to initiate rotation of the platform.
  • Visualized Empty seat indication and buzzer operation when there is absence of animal in a specific milking point . Then platform stops.
  • Visualized Indication of locked animal and buzzer operation when an animal cannot be unlocked at the exit of the rotary. Then platform stops
  • Separate window with indication of total number of animals that entered inside the platfom  and total milking time during milking system operation.
  • Rotary control panel keeps in memory all errors during platform operation for a specific period of time.
  • Visualized emergency button on the 7 inches touch screen and the same button on the electronic panel
  • Enclosure is made of stainless steel manufactured with perfect finish .