What is Pasteurization

What is Pasteurization

By In BLOG On 21 Ιουνίου 2019

Pasteurisation is done as soon as we start  heating the milk. If boiled, they are killed together with the microbes  all the microorganisms that are useful to make the cheese delicious.

In order not to alter the ingredients that give the natural flavor to the cheese, slowly we heat the milk in a stainless steel tank and control the temperature with a thermometer and with a timer the time that pasteurization needs to be completed.

When we do fast pasteurization, the temperature is higher and the time is shorter. When we do slow pasteurization the temperature is lower and the time longer. Depending on the milk and cheese we want to make, we choose what type of pasteurization we will do  

In order to create a small cheese dairy, the process of pasteurization is necessary and great care is needed.

Type of pasteurization

Closed type: pasteurization is done through a heat exchanger assembly.

Open type: pasteurization is done in kettles with constant stirring of milk. It is used by smaller milk processing units to produce cheese, yoghurt and desserts.