Zeus Pulsation control unit – 12

Zeus pulsation control unit (12)

Zeus pulsation control unit is a high-quality product designed to control with accuracy the simultaneous operation of electric pulsators within a milking parlour for cows, sheep and goats.

It is capable of supplying power to a maximum of 12  electronic pulsators. It consists of 2  channels and each channel can synchronize & supply power to up to 6 pulsators. The Zeus control unit is specially designed for NT 24 electronic pulsators . NT 24 pulsators have minimum demands in terms of vacuum and very low energy consumption ( 200 mA ).


Technical characteristics

  • It is equipped with LCD Display for function checking & configuration.
  • Choice of 2 different groups of settings ( Sheep & goats)
  • Indication of total current consumption on each channel .
  • Indication of Voltage supplied to pulsators.
  • Phases configuration
  • Pulsation rate configuration (10-190 pulses / min)
  • Pulsation ratio configuration (10:90 – 90:10)
  • Indication of front and rear pulsation ratio ( green and red light ).
  • Possibility to configure all parameters according to each farm requirements.
  • The controller is protected against line voltage surges.
  • The enclosure is manufactured from aluminum & Stainless steel that offers optimum foreclosure and brings durability under severe working conditions.