Hermes A.C.R Controller

Agromasters introduces  the new HERMES ACR controller ,

A brand new solution for automatically removing the milking unit from Cow or sheep and goats with accuracy,  when the volume of milk flow drops below a pre-configured minimum flow rate.

Hermes ACR system can create a substantial increase in productivity per milker. The integration of HERMES ACR controllers in any type of milking system can help to maintain milk quality, increasing milking efficiency & reducing animal health issues, which is usually coming from over – milking periods.


Technical characteristics

Simplicity & efficiency. Simple push-button control (Manual, Milk, Detach).

Led indications. Indication with the red lamp of all available operating modes (Manual, Detach, Milk). Led indication, when milk flow has stopped.

Easy configuration.A wide range of settings available on HERMES CONTROLLER, according to animals being milked (Cows, Goats Or Sheep). Settings like Vacuum on & off delay, Initial  & final Delay, Sweep delay, Resistance sensing can be easily configured via an external programmer.

Stainless steel enclosure. ACR PCB is integrated into a  specially constructed Stainless steel enclosure that offers optimum foreclosure & protection against humidity & water and maximum durability.

Udder stimulus function. When an animal is delaying to take out milk initial Stimupulse will be automatically activated. In order to tease out, any last residues of milk final stimopulse will be activated.

Pulsation. The HERMES ACR CONTROLLER has additional outputs to drive pulsation solenoids.

Sweep Function. This function will energize the vacuum to the cluster after the detach sequence to clear the line of any milk residue.

Soft start & Takeoff. Soft starts allow the operator to position the unit before the vacuum energises. Soft takeoff is the period between vacuum shut off and cluster removal.

Sleep mode. In the event of unit inactivity, the HERMES ACR CONTROLLER will go into sleep mode, thus achieving maximum power saving.