By In BLOG On 21 Ιουνίου 2019

Milk is produced by mammals just before they give birth & at the time they breastfeed their kids. Milk contains all the necessary ingredients for the development of the newborn:

 * a lot of water

*  salts that are necessary to create  bones

 * Various proteins and vitamins to develop the body of the newborn

*  Fat and sugars that give energy and strength

*  Sheep’s milk has more fat but less sugars than that of the cow.

Human is also Mammal. The Human milk is low in fat and rich in sugars, like donkey’s milk.

The Milk quality depends on the nutrition and health of the animal. When a stock breeder does not take care of his animals & does not feed them properly, animals will give poor milk in ingredients.

A weary or sick animal will give you harmful milk. Different milk gives you an animal that grazes out, comparing to an animal that is being closed in the barn.

“Free grazing” in the summer contributes to a more aromatic milk comparing to animals living in the barn where dry foods give milk “poor” in taste.