Salle de traite rotative (externe)

Agromasters designs and manufactures advanced rotary milking systems for intermediate size dairy farms of sheep and goats.

In Rotary milking systems, animals are walking into a revolving platform, while they are being milked externally. Animals are entering in the milking system through a  ramp and after taking their positions milking process begins . The Floor of the platform is anti-slippery & provides safe environment for the animals.

The platform is operating continuously at constant speed. Platform speed can be adjusted  according to the period of milking.  The platform speed & automatic feeding system is controlled by the Central Electrical Board.

The rotary parlour consists of a heavy constructed Rotary Platform, Metal Ramp & Automatic Feeding System & a Central Electrical Board as standard   .

The galvanized feeding tank is placed at the interior of the milking system & Automatic Feeding System is delivering  pre-defined feed ratios to the polyester circular  feeding trough.

The Rotary gland is the heart of rotary milking system. Agromasters has engineered its rotary glands to be the most technologically advanced.

All parts of the assembly are exclusively from stainless steel & constructed from material that withstand tough working conditions.

It is optionally escorted with agromasters  ACR system or Complete herd management system for sheep and goats.