Cattle crush

The existence of the cattle crush HOOF M900 in the barn area is considered necessary to make sure the health of the limbs and to address the lameness in dairy cows.

Therefore, choosing the right cattle crurh is so important. When applying the HOOF M900, the manual head gate locks the cow safely. It has a mechanism for lifting the animal with straps and its floor is non-slip. The heavy-duty construction makes it safe and there is no possibility of overturning. The producer or operator has complete control over the process and the main advantage is that you do not stress the cow.


  • Manual operation
  • Manual, adjustable head gate
  • Non-slip floor
  • Painless attachment (internal organs of animals are not compressed during lifting)
  • The animal is not stressed
  • The operator is protected against accidental injuries (the limbs are stable)