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Correa de alimentación para las ovejas y las cabras

Feeding belt is a product made by strong and heavy duty materials, in our facilities. It is an ideal solution for medium size dairy farms that want to dramatically reduce the required time for feeding and minimize the quantity food that is usually wasted.

The feeding belt is usually placed in the middle of the barn, so that animals can be fed from both sides, thus saving lots of space. The installation of a feeding belt prevents the use of troughs and other food delivery methods.

The floor of the feeding belt is comprised of hard plastic, on which the belt rolls. The speed of the belt adjusts according to the amount of food that is inserted (inverter)

A photocell, which is installed at the receiver unit, activates the feeding belt   . After the completion of its route and the end of feeding process, belt goes back to its original position.

The internal part of the stall is the moveable one, which opens   , when we want animals to be fed and closes respectively when we want to prohibit its’ use.

Both sides of the feeding belts are protected by sea wood (underneath the stalls). The length of the Feeding belt varies according to the length of the barn.