Colector de Leche 150cc para ovejas y cabras

The Odysseus 150cc is 100% stainless steel product,  designed and manufactured in our facilities to satisfy the needs of sheep and goat milking.

The special shape of the claw & its light weight (220 gr ), makes it really friendly to use and easy to handle.

The Inox Shut off spring, Inox air plitter & Inox hanger offer durability without suffocating from any kind deterioration, like some other common plastic components.

The claw is perfectly fitting  with the polycarbonate lid and the specially designed spring, offers optimum vacuum shut off.

The transparent lid gives the operator maximum observation of milk flow and the thick polycarbonate  material offers increased resistance against alcalic and acid liquids.

The 150cc milkclaw can be used with automatic valves and short liners or with angled silicone liners.