Arrobaderas hidráulicas

Agromasters hydraulic  scraper cleans manure from slats to make the floor clean. The scraper has a low and smooth profile, and had been designed to prevent injuries on cow hoof.

Hydralic operation means few moving parts and less risk of breakdowns. The side wings clean the corners of the corridor and improve the bar environment and animal health.

Technical features 

  • Base floor scraper – UPN  180 ( type iron)
  • Reciprocating base – UPN  100 ( type iron)
  • Central  drive unit – hot  galvanized
  • Base of cylinder – hot galvanized
  • Scrapers wings – hot galvanized
  • Lateral flaps are opening automatically on the way backwards.
  • Oil tank – hot galvanized


  • Due to its flexible construction this scraper adapts automatically to possible
  • inclination towards the middle of the gangway.
  • Digital control panel with display.
  • Manual and automatic operation possible.
  • Low noise operation