SS Tank (Milk Coagulation)

The  Feta  production tank MilkS1  is made of stainless steel and is designed to facilitate and shorten the process of coagulation and placement of slices in the molds. The milk is placed in the tank and the coagulation process is done.

The serum is removed through a perforated mesh and the amount of serum the chef considers necessary in the tank. It is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, and the legs of the tyre and the ramp are adjustable.

Cutting the curd is done with a semicircular 45-degree guitar, reversing cuts the curd into 2 rows (semi-cylindrical) and a second guitar (vertical) makes the third movement to exit the 2 x 2cm cube. The tyrebean is available in various dimensions and types, such as trench and semicircular. They feature lofts made of stainless steel frame and anti-slip floor.