Rotary milking parlours

Rotary milking parlors are one of the most advanced cow milking systems as they provide the producer with a comfortable milking process, efficient milking, and a calm environment for the cows.

Robust construction
When considering your dairy farm’s profitability, we designed and manufactured a lightweight system with a structure resistant enough that optimizes energy consumption. It also offers the necessary strength to keep the platform working for years in the most extreme conditions. The rotating platform brings the cows to the farmer  position in a calm, comfortable and stable routine. This allows the producer to focus on the milking process. We manufacture and install rotary milking platforms ranging in size from 24 to 100 cows. With rotation speeds variable from 6 to 11 minutes you can milk your herd quickly and efficiently.

Smooth entrance
It is usually a challenging task to keep the cows moving in the same direction. With the agromasters rotary system, your cows get near the parlour in a constant flow, with one cow going in and the other getting out, always following the rhythm of the controlled platform’s rotation. Withe almost continuous cluster application and fewer operator movement, the rotary parlour confirms to be one of the quickest ways to milk cows.

Silent Operation
The smooth and even rotation of the platform via its drive system permits a silent operation generating a relaxed and free of stress environment for the cows and farmer.

24/7 Heavy duty
It’s easy, practical and functional design, together with its excellent endurance components ensure outstanding performance in any environment and below any conditions, all day long the 365 days of the year.


Standard Rotary Milking Platform Specifications:

  • Deck construction, Galvanised steel structure with 100mm concrete 1650mm wide . Available with 1100mm Chequer plate walkway around the front of the cows.
  • Steel Heavy duty rollers and nylon thrust rollers @ 1.4m centres,
  • 150mm Track with 16mm wear strip fully welded to the underside.
  • Steel Bails constructed from 20nb, 25nb and 50nb galvanised steel pipe.
  • Stainless steel 0.9mm skirt around the platform
  • Drive units, Rubberised drive wheels and SEW-Eurodrive Reduction boxes.
  • Stainless steel console with LCD display for platform speed
  • Variable speed drive
  • Steps into centre of the platform