Rotary milking parlour -internal milking-Heracles

Agromasters designs and manufactures for more than 25 years advanced rotary milking systems for goats and sheep from 32-72 milking points. Due to the shape and layout of the rotary, it is ideal for large dairy farms. The Heracles rotary parlor  is the most advanced  milking system  in the market . It offers significant benefits to the dairy farmer  as it reduces milking time, ensures  smooth movement of animals, does not require a large building installation, and lowers labour costs vertically.


  • Highest yields ( comparing different types ).
  • Uninterrupted entry and exit of animals with non-stop platform operation.
  • Effective & fast milking with rotation speed from 3-7 minutes.
  • 1 or 2 milkers are required for its proper operation no matter what is the size of the platform.
  • Adjusting platform rotation speed according to lactation period.
  • Combination of individual entrapment & feeding creates a calm environment for the animals
  • Full access to sheep and goats while milking

Ηigh milk yields

The main advantage of the Rotary milking parlor is the neutralization of the dead periods between the entry and exit of the animals, creating a continuous flow during the milking process without interruption. In this way, we can milk almost twice the number of animals compared to the traditional ones. The Heracles rotary milking parlour will help you achieve fast and efficient milking.

In Rotary milking parlors, animals are standing on a revolving platform, while are being milked. Goats are entering the interior of the milking system through a heavy-duty Ramp. After animals taking their positions, the milking process begins internally. The agromasters rotary platform is operating continuously at a constant speed but can be adjusted as well according to the lactation period of animals. The platform speed, automatic feeding system, and other features are controlled automatically via our multifunctional Rotary control panel.

Automatic feeding system

The double automatic feeding system is delivering on each aluminium through a predefined feed ratio ( option to feed with 2 different types of food ) for each animal. Additionally  is escorted with a  double automatic feeding tank loading system, thus being in a position to fill the tank with 2 different types of food.

Agromasters integrates high-quality milking technology using the best quality material available in the global market.



 Rotary milking platform is escorted with :

  1. Individual Animal stalling ( Automatic head locking )
  2. Individual feeding ( Aluminium trough)
  3. Individual Animal release ( automatic head unlocking )
  4. Feeding tank 200 kg with Double electronic food distribution ( 2 different foods )
  5. Double feeding tank loading system.
  6. Rotary Gland
  7. Anti-sleeper floor (wooden )
  8. Ramp for animal Entry-Exit
  9. Entrance & exit Ladders
  10. Rotary Control panel


Agromasters manufactures high-quality milking technology parts that increase efficiency and speed of milking. It consists of :

Milk transfer system assembly

a) Hector Milk receiver, b) Apollo Milk pump, c) Sanitary trap, d) Connections and tubing, e) Milk filter

Milk & Wash line assembly

a) Triton III Jetter cups,  b) Milk, Water and Milk pump tubes, c) Supports, d) Fittings, e) Milk entries 

Washing unit , Wash tank  & others 

a) Poseidon washing unit II,  b) Wash tank 110 Liters, c) Drain valve,   d) PVC supports & other parts

Vacuum line assembly 

a) Aeolus Service monitor , b) Zeus Pulsation control unit, c) NT14 electronic pulsator, d) Vacuum tubes, e) PVC angles, sleeves, supports

Milking units

a) Milking clusters with SS milkclaw 150cc, b) Supports , c) Silicone Milk tubes, d) PVC pulsation tubes