Rapid exit milking parlour -Hector


Achieve efficiency & high level milking experience

The Hector rapid exit milking parlour for goats and sheep is an ideal for medium and large dairy farms. The sophisticated design and the durable construction  ensures a comfortable milking environment for the animals.

How it operates 

The end-user simultaneously is filling feeding troughs with cereals (enabling automatic feeding system ). The dairy farmer is attaching milking clusters while animals are being fed simultaneously. After the end of milking, the rapid exit stall is pneumatically lifted, and within 3 seconds, animals have left, and the following animals are following. Another advantage of a rapid exit milking parlour is that milker can control the animals’ entry and exit without leaving the pit via remote control.


  • A perfect solution for medium and large size flocks.
  • Mass exit of animals after the end of milking.
  • Effective and  fast milking.
  • One  milker required for every 12 milking clusters.
  • Optional Integration of ACR system
  • Easy access to the udder.
  • specific feed amount.
  • Available in sizes from:  1Χ12 έως 2Χ60

The Rapid exit stall  consists of  :

  • Rapid exit stall  for 24 animals (Pneumatically operated)
  • Automatic feeding system (feeding tanks  electrically operating )
  • Automatic loading system (feeding tanks are loaded automatically  from a 500kg volumetric )
  • Stainless steel protection edge
  • Entrance door ( manually operated)


Agromasters high-quality milking technology parts maximizes the efficiency and speed of milking. It consists of :

Milk transfer system assembly

a) Hector Milk receiver, b) Apollo Milk pump, c) Sanitary trap, d) Connections and tubing, e) Milk filter

Milk & Wash line assembly

a) Triton III Jetter cups,  b) Milk, Water and Milk pump tubes, c) Supports, d) Fittings, e) Milk entries 

Washing unit , Wash tank  & others 

a) Poseidon washing unit I,  b) Wash tank 110 Liters, c) Drain valve,   d) PVC supports & other parts

Vacuum line assembly 

a) Aeolus Service monitor , b) Zeus Pulsation control unit, c) NT14 electronic pulsator, d) Vacuum tubes, e) PVC angles, sleeves, supports & bends

Vacuum pump assembly 

a) Vacuum pump, b) Vacuum regulator 

Milking units

a) Milking clusters with SS milkclaw 150cc, b) Supports , c) Silicone Milk tubes, d) PVC pulsation tubes