Plate Heat exchanger

The plate Heat exchangers are used in two different production stages of feta .

  • To increase  milk temperature from 4 ° to 20 ° before passing through the cream separator and end up in pasteurizer
  • Toreduce milk temperature from 66 ° to 36 ° before reaching the 500 liter milk coagulation tank
  • Moreover it can be installed in the milking system between Milk receiver and milk cooling tank

Technical characteristics

  • It is made entirely of 3A approved stainless steel and EPDM gaskets
  • It is designed for low to medium milk flow rates
  • It is easily assembled and disassembled to effectively clean with ease.
  • The plate heat exchanger plays an important role in the bacteriological quality of milk. It cools the milk immediately, avoiding the growth of bacteria.