Pipeline Milking System RTS

Pipeline milking system (RTS)

Pipeline milking system ( RTS) is an ideal solution for an intermediate-size cow farm. Many dairy farmers choose a pipeline milking installation over a bucket installation to avoid the boring and monotonous work of changing and emptying buckets. The milk pipeline installation makes milking less tiresome and increases the number of milking’s per hour.

The pipeline milking system is used in tied-up cow barns and milking parlours. The milking is carried out using a portable milking unit which provides pulsation and delivers vacuum to the teat end. One milking station is usually installed for every two cows and the milk deliverd directly to the cooling tank.

Agromasters offers two different specially designed stainless-steel hangers (for pneumatic or electronic pulsation) that can carry all necessary components like Pulsator, milking clusters, and Milk – Vacuum tubes. Most components integrated for pipeline systems are the same as with milking parlours, milk & wash line, vacuum line, Terminal unit, Washing machines and tanks.

Advantages of Pipeline milking systems RTS 

  • Comfort milking solution.
  • Agromasters has developed several unique accessories to improve the comfort and functionality of pipeline milking systems.
  • Ergonomic design

A pipeline milking system from agromasters provides an effective milking solution in which operators have complete control of the entire process from cow preparation to cluster attachment. All components are made of solid and lightweight materials to maximize milk quality and ensure ergonomic working postures for operators.