Mobile milking system MobiSmart


Agromasters MobiSmart milking system is an economic solution for farmers that move their flock to a different location during the lactation period. It can be positioned practically anywhere, in the fields or on the mountain.

How it operates 

Animals enter the parlour one by one until they reach their own place in the stable stall. The end-user simultaneously is   filling feeding troughs with cereals (by enabling the electrically operated automatic feeding system).

The Milker is attaching the 12 milking clusters while animals are being fed simultaneously. After the end of milking, they are being released by unlocking their heads (via a hand lever) and within 3 seconds they  have left the milking system and the next 12 animals are following.


  • Economical milking system for up to 150 animals
  • No installation is needed ( ready to use )
  • No building requirements
  • Effective milking
  • Single-phase  operation
  • 1 milker is required for the proper operation of the milking system.

Technical  specifications six(6) meter version of MobiSmart

  • Chassis with  a) two wheels, b) adjustable Height Legs, c) Leaf springs, d) Tow bar
  • Aluminium floor
  • Entrance & Exit Gates
  • Adjustable Animal Roof
  • Milker Roof
  • Lighting
  • Stall Construction material:  Hot galvanized
  • Type of stall : Stable stall with lockers
  • Feeding Tank & Trough: Hot galvanized

*A separate small trailer  is needed for the Vacuum pump


The stall construction consists of  :

  • Stable stall with lockers for 12 animals (manually operated)
  • Automatic feeding system (feeding tanks are delivering electrically a predefined amount of food for the 12 animals simultaneously)



The integrated MobiSmart milking technology parts are the following :

Milk transfer system assembly

The milk ends up in a 40 L stainless steel Can ( Milk pump & Milk filter are not included )

Milk & Wash line assembly

a) Rubber Jetter cups, b) Milk, Water  tubes, c) Supports, d) Fittings,e) Milk entries 

Vacuum line assembly 

a) Pneumatic pulsators, d) Vacuum tubes, e) PVC angles, sleeves, supports

Vacuum pump assembly 

a) Vacuum pump, b) Vacuum regulator 

Milking units

a) Milking clusters with SS Υ , b) Supports , c) PVC Milk tubes, d) PVC pulsation tubes