Mobile milking parlour- MobiMaster


MobiMaster mobile milking parlour for goats and sheep is an ideal solution for farmers that move their flock to a different location during the lactation period. It is a sophisticated milking parlour that can be positioned practically anywhere, in the fields or on the mountain.

It is an autonomous, functional and easy to use milking system, equipped with high-quality parts and simultaneously with the most advanced automation equipment (made in agromasters).

The MobiMaster is optionally available with the Hermes ACR system for automatically removing milking clusters, so only one Milker is required for its proper operation.

How it operates 

Animals enter the parlour one by one until they reach their place in the rapid exit stall. The end-user simultaneously is filling feeding troughs with cereals (enabling automatic feeding system ). The farmer is attaching the 24 milking clusters while animals are being fed simultaneously. After the end of milking, the rapid exit stall is pneumatically lifted up, and within 3 seconds, animals have left, and the following 24 animals are following.


  • It is an autonomous and ready to use milking system
  • It is a custom-made solution that can be manufactured according to each farmer needs.
  • It does not require any special infrastructure or building.
  • Can milk up to 300 animals within 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • It is manufactured from heavy-duty materials that can withstand strong winds or bad weather conditions.
  • Two milkers are required for the proper operation of 24 milking clusters milking system.
  • Complete milking parlour
  • Maximum flow and less stress to the animal

Technical specifications of  six-meter version MobiMaster

  • Chassis with  a) 2 wheels, b) Adjustable Height Legs, c) Leaf springs, d) Tow bar
  • Aluminium floor
  • Entrance & Exit Gates
  • Front chamber (made of the panel)
  • Adjustable Animal Roof
  • Milker Roof
  • Lighting

Technical specifications of twelve-meter version MobiMaster :

  • Chassis with a) 4 wheels in the middle, b) Adjustable Height Legs, c) Leaf springs,  d) Tow bar  or 
  • Chassis with a) 4 wheels on the sides, b) Steering wheel, c) Leaf springs,  d) Tow bar
  • Aluminium floor
  • Entrance & Exit Gates
  • Front chamber (made of the panel)
  • Lighting

Stall construction consists of  :

  • Rapid exit stall for 12 or 24 animals (Pneumatically operated)
  • Entrance door ( manually operated)
  • Individual animal doors
  • Automatic feeding system (feeding tanks are delivering a predefined amount of food  for the 12 or 24 animals simultaneously )
  • Automatic feeding tank loading system (feeding tanks are loaded automatically via a 500kg volumetric)
  • Stainless steel Protection edge


Agromasters high-quality milking technology parts maximizes the efficiency and speed of milking. It consists of :

Milk transfer system assembly

a) Hector Milk receiver, b) Apollo Milk pump, c) Sanitary trap, d) Connections and tubing, e) Milk filter

Milk & Wash line assembly

a) Triton III Jetter cups,  b) Milk, Water and Milk pump tubes, c) Supports, d) Fittings, e) Milk entries 

Washing unit , Wash tank  & others 

a) Poseidon washing unit I,  b) Wash tank 110 Liters, c) Drain valve,   d) PVC supports & other parts

Vacuum line assembly 

a) Aeolus Service monitor , b) Zeus Pulsation control unit, c) NT14 electronic pulsator, d) Vacuum tubes, e) PVC angles, sleeves, supports & bends

Milking units

a) Milking clusters with SS milk claw 150cc, b) Supports , c) Silicone Milk tubes, d) PVC pulsation tubes