Milk cooling tank – Open Type

Milk cooling tanks  are capacity from 100 to 2000 liters with 2 or 4 milkings. They are open type and produced with direct expansion express cooling.

Milk cooling tanks are produced from stainless steel W.Nr.1.4301 ( AISI 304 ) with high quality.CFC free polyurethane isolation for the purpose of maximal efficiency and saving energy.

They are adjustable for working on very high ambient temperatures.High efficient cooling unit is closed type with hermetic compressor (with all necessary protections) and use full ecological coolant type R 404A.

Power supply can be 230V 50 Hz single phase or 400V 50 Hz three phase.Electronic regulationconsists of controller with temperature digital indicator who isprogrammable.Also consist integrated electronic thermostatwith program for interval mixing of milk (for purpose of keeping same milkfat).

Every milk cooling tank is equipped with measuring stick for the measurement of milk level in milk cooling tank (for orientation capacity) and with butterfly valve DN 50.