Herringbone milking parlour

The agromasters herringbone milking parlours combine advanced milking technology, but always with the lowest required investment.

The milker sees clearly the 4 teats of the cow due to herringbone indexing of the animals. The ergonomic working position for the operator – ensures a comfortable milking job.

At herringbone parlours, entrance doors are pneumatically operated. The heavily constructed stalls are available in dip galvanized or Stainless steel framework according to each customer needs.

Stainless steel chambers are installed, just above the milking units for protecting vacuum line and pulsation from any possible deterioration.

A wide range of options (milking components) is available in order to customize the milking system according to your specific needs.

The basic herringbone milking system includes:

  • Hot galvanized Herringbone Stall.
  • Glass Receiver 50lit  with stainless steel parts or stainless steel 70 L milk receiver.
  • Milk Pump stainless steel and stainless steel sanitary trap.
  • Washing Jetters stainless steel and stainless steel Milkclaws.
  • Washing Unit stainless steel and stainless steel  70L Wash Tank.
  • Εlectronic Pulsators  & S/S Pulsation Control Unit.
  • Vacuum Pump with 100 L hot galvanized tank.

The milking parlour is optionally available with Automatic detachers or a complete herd management system, according to customer’s requirements.