Feta production equipment (500 L)

The mini Milk S200 from agromasters is a complete milk processing plant for the purpose of feta production and exploitation of  milk production.

It is a versatile product for small livestock units, equipped with modern technological equipment and always built on quality. This unit has a maximum milk processing capacity of up to 500 liters per day .

These are the following equipment required in order to set up a  mini Milk S200

  1. Milk cooling tank 500lt
  2. Milk pump( 2 Hp)
  3. Plate Heat exchanger 1
  4. Cream seperator
  5. Pasteurizer with oil burner
  6. Milk pump ( 2 Hp)
  7. Plate Heat exchanger 2
  8. SS Tank for milk coagulation
  9. Cheese table – molds

Being more specific  :

  1. Milk is transferred via a 1 Hp milk pump ( milking system ) to the 500 liter milk cooling tank, where milk is being cooled down to 4°C.
  2. The  milk is  transferred via a 2 Hp Milk pump to the Plate Heat Exchanger 1 in order to increase the temperature of the milk from 4 to 20 °C.
  3. Then is passing through a Cream Seperator in order to differentiate the cream from the milk at the right percentage quantity.
  4. Milk is ending up to the Pasteurizer , where we increase the temperature of milk from 20 to 68  °C  in order reach this specific temperature for pasteurization.
  5. Milk via  Plate Heat exchanger 2  is cooled down from 66  °C to 36  °C  and is ending up to  a Stainless Steel Tank of 500 liters  for milk coagulation  at 32  °C.
  6. When it is ready we cut the feta we place it on the Molds of the table.