Cubicle dividers

Comfort for the cows

Cows cubicles must be adapted to the animal’s behaviour, as well as to their natural movements (getting up and lying down). The purpose of the positions is to keep the animals clean, calm and to rest as much as they want and as often as they wish. This requires comfortable seats where they can lie down and get up without problems.

The dimensions of the individual cubicles are causally related to the size and shape. The position’s length and width ensure flexibility (width 1.25m and length up to 3.0m) while improper dimensions can cause injuries.

Cubicles designed around the natural patterns of cows.

The agromasters cubicles LUX BED80 was designed and developed based on the free movement and behaviour of the cow. It offers maximum comfort, and the animals enter their seats without hesitation.


Space for moving forward.
Robust construction and durability.
Made of reinforced pipe and hot-dip galvanized.
Check that the animal is lying upright and that the bed is not soiled.
The tube guide directs the animals to take the correct position (controlled guidance) they are not afraid and lie down without soiling the bed.
They are connected with galvanized handfuls of M10.
Weigh 44.6 kg before galvanizing
Tube thickness 3ml

All our products are carefully designed, without sharp edges and protrusions.