Cream seperator MD601

Cream seperator is a device that removes cream from  milk at the desired percentage quantity .  With this seperator you can make cream, sour cream and low fat milk.  It doesn’t have a milk container because it was developed for direct connection with milk tank through a hose.

It is addressed to   medium farms and households and has the following characteristics :

  • 600 liters of milk per hour
  • Without a milk container
  • High quality brushless motor with a speed regulator
  • Anodized plates in a drum
  • Note: Hose is not included


How to use cream separator:

Just warm the milk up to 40˚C , switch the separator on and pour the milk into the cream separator by hose.

How much cream you can get 

  • From 10 liters of milk you will get about 1 liter of cream;
  • The cream will have 10 times more fat than your milk. It means that if your milk has fat 3,2% you will get cream with 32% of fat;
  • If you need cream with less content of fat you can mix it with low fat milk which you get during separation.
  • pour about 3 liters of hot water into the separator before the milk. The separation will be better.