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Complete system for storaging – processing & transporting fodder

Agromasters  manufactures and offers complete solutions for Storing,  transferring and processing fodder before ending up to the milking system .

Transferring  & storing fodder

It includes a 12-meter Screw conveyor (Φ150) which is used to load Fiber glass silos of various sizes .

Forwarding fodder from silos to milling machine

It includes Screw conveyors which are placed underneath each silo and transferring fodder  to a volumetric ( 1.2 tonnes ) .Then an optional  screw conveyor is transferring  fodder to Milling machine  .

Fodder processing

The fodder is  being processed at the interior of  milling machine. From there  it is being transferred  to the 1 or 2-tonne mixer.

Forwarding  of processed fodder into the milking system

The processed fodder is ending up to a 500 kg volumetric and from there  is being transferred via automatic feeding system to the feeding tanks of the milking system .