Automatic lamb feeders

The automatic feeder helps you maintain the health of your lambs and their breeding. Nutrition is vital when raising lambs. Animals will only grow fast if they have high-quality food. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that each lamb is well-fed, even if its number is high.

  • Lamb feeder is  made entirely of stainless steel.
  • Serves up to 300 lambs.
  • Anatomical design of pacifiers for smooth breastfeeding.
  • Capacity in milk powder 65kg.
  • Provides adjustable temperature accurate and preserved during breast feeding.
  • Innovation in the dosing system where the dosage of milk powder is taken with absolute precision.
  • Available safety thermostat and water deficiency detector that prevents the machine from operating before a possible water supply interruption.
  • A totally reliable and easy-to-use machine.